By Any Other Name - word count 165 (prompt: tinker)

Krystle stirs her latte. “Harper?”

Chelsea scoffs. “You want to saddle our baby with a name that refers to a harp player? What if it’s a boy?”


“Makes barrels. You’ll doom the kid.”


“Someone who drives a cart.”

“I guess Hunter is out too?”

Chelsea makes a face and takes a bite from her vegan muffin.


“An American state.”

“Ditto Montana?”

Chelsea shakes her head.

“Mason? I really like Mason!”

“Someone who has to work with stone for a living? I hope any baby we have is going to be a great artist. Not working in a pit.”


“That’s somewhere in Asia. Not the best handle for a baby with two white mommas.”

“I give up, Chelsea. We finally find a sperm donor and now we can’t agree on a name.”

Chelsea leans across the table and covers Krystle’s elegant, manicured hand with her own. “Why don’t we go with my suggestion? TinkerBelle it it’s a girl. Tinker if it’s a boy.”


Photo from Wikimedia Commons by: Rose hybrid by Aftabbanoori