What's love got to do with it?

Do you love love? Then may want to check out the BFI LoveFest from November 20-22, 2015.

As a HarperCollins author I’ve been invited to participate. So even though I have Canadian-Australian citizenship, I’m going to be a very small part of this annual British event. My English ancestors would approve.

HarperCollins UK and the BFI will be celebrating all things romance. If you’re lucky enough to be in London, you’ll find all the films being screened here: http://bfi.powio.com/gb/bfi-love-season/

There is also a virtual program between now and the end of November to explore the intersection between romantic literature and film. The themes that the BFI are exploring are:

  • Fatal Attractions

  • The Power of Love

  • Fools for Love

Join me on the November 20-22nd weekend, where I’ll answer questions about my favourite romantic books and movies as well as that timeless question of love at first sight. I’ve written a blog for it called When is a Romance Not a Romance?

Go to http://www.bfi.org.uk/love for more information.

November 2-13, 2015 Virtual Book Tour!

The fine folks at HarperCollins and Goddess Fish Promotions have joined forces to send me on a virtual book tour. This is where to find me:

November 2: Louise Lyndon Romance Author Hear Me Roar!

November 3: Jbiggarblog

November 4: BooksChatter - Books Chatter have also done an excellent compilation of the Outback Promise playlist.

November 5: Queen of the Night Reviews

November 6: Welcome to my World of Dreams

November 9: Rogue’s Angels

November 10: Room With Books:

November 10: Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews

November 11: Where the Story Comes First

November 12: Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews

November 13: Long and Short Reviews