Lockdown - Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

  1. Rowan is a strong character who has had a lot of emergency preparation training. How does her training help her make choices when the earthquake hits? Do you agree with all her choices?

  2. Jake has been fairly protected for most of his life. How does this influence his ability to deal with the earthquake? How does he change over the next week?

  3. To Rowan, it’s really important to see her father in the hospital. If you were in her situation, do you think you would leave the compound to try to see someone you loved? What do you think Rowan should have done?

  4. It’s revealed in a couple of places that Michael is gay. Some readers thought the theme of his gender identity should have been more fully explored. Did it make sense to you that his sexuality was just part of his character, like having brown hair and hazel eyes? Or did this fact needed greater investigation?

  5. Rowan’s mother, Dixie, is determined to get back to her family as soon as she can. Is Rowan like Dixie? In what ways?

  6. Linda has not told Jake who his real father is for sixteen years. Do you think she should have told Jake sooner? If not, then when? Should she have told him at all?

  7. Did Greg / Ray have any right to approach Jake without first contacting Linda for permission? How did the earthquake change his timing?

  8. It’s important to prepare for emergencies but do you think it’s possible to be too prepared? Was Tony too prepared? Do you think his house, with its chain-link fence made people curious about what was inside?

  9. Before the earthquake Tony boasted to neighbours about how prepared he was. Do you think this influenced the fact that the house was targeted by crowds?

  10. If you were preparing for an emergency today, what do you think you would put in your backpack? It is recommended that you pack something for entertainment (cards, books etc) and a little bit of comfort food. What would your choices be there?

  11. Stories don’t really end. How do you think Rowan and her family would be living in one week’s time? One month? One year? 


Lockdown has arrived. It is listed in the Fall 2014 magazine Best Books for Kids & Teens, published by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. (p. 27)