What rhymes with Poetry Day?

March 21st is World Poetry Day. This year and every year. Here are things you can do to mark the occasion:

  • take a poet to lunch

  • take a book of poetry to lunch

  • try some blackout poetry

  • write a note to a poet whose work you admire

  • rearrange the magnetic poetry on your fridge door

  • pick up a pen and let your raw emotions flow onto the page

  • buy a book of poetry—please, your local poet could use the support

  • write a poem in a different language

  • write a backwards or giggle poem

  • go to an open mike event and try a slam poem

  • go the library and read poetry there

  • read your favourite poem aloud

  • memorize a poem then recite it loud

UNESCO recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind. Poetry is one way to open your imagination—what have you got to lose?


Photo from Wikimedia Commons: Slam poem is recited by Toussaint Morrison of the Minneapolis band The Blend for a crowd at the 2007 Mifflin Street block party by The Moose