What did it mean to you?

This meme been floating around the internet for some time: 

The fact is, once a work is published it’s fair and proper for everyone to have their own interpretation. Writing is art, after all. So if a book is well-written and thought-provoking, then it’s done its job.

Every so often a reader comes along who interprets my work the way it spoke to me. That doesn’t mean everyone else is wrong. They’re just different. And vive la différence – it makes the world a wonderful and diverse place.

This week The Bookfeed Blog summarized my personal interpretation of Outback Promise here, although I might have said examines in place of teaches:

Outback Promises teaches a lesson in cherishing what you have now, in this moment. It teaches you not to take your loved ones for granted. It shows that everyone has different ways of processing things and that communication really is key. The issues the couple face, are caused by both of them and I find that refreshing and realistic. Too many books these days bash men with all the blame falling on the male antagonist.

Bolitho does such a good job at demonstrating the reality of it all. Grief, love, relationships. I love that the trip isn’t all smooth sailing and that they meet so many obstacles and continue to overcome them.

The review ends with a warning that the book was emotionally draining for her. That’s reasonable, because isn’t that why we read? If we don’t want a roller coaster ride, what are we doing in the amusement park?