What are you expecting?

Every thought we have is creating our futureLouise Hay.

Last year my husband and I ran a positive thinking experiment. Every evening, one or both of us noted a good memory of the day and stuffed it into an old Planters peanut jar. Recently we started reading some of those brief records of our lives just 12 months ago.

The Huffington Post cites scientific proof that optimism improves our lives. Other sources say it reduces rates of depression, lowers levels of stress, and even boosts our immune system.

Positive thinking doesn’t develop in a single day or a week. Like other things in life worth having, such as a good friend or a fine wine, it takes patience and practice to claim the prize. So we began with something small, notes in a jar. Sometimes we recorded things as simple as spring birdsong at dawn’s first light. Other days our joys were bigger and grander but the idea was simply to recognize that every day was a good day.

What small pleasures do you find in ordinary living? What role does optimism play in our ability to weather difficult times?