Terrible Titles Blog Hop

The incomparable Alyssa Brugman has tagged me in this blog hop.

The job is to find “eight terrible titles” from my work in progress by scrolling randomly through my manuscript and letting my cursor stop where it will.”

So, from my novel about three teenagers hiking on Mt. Rainier, here are eight random lines:

  1. Got my Nudies.

  2. I’d rather try to get honey away from a bear.

  3. A slightly singed squirrel lies on the ground below it.

  4. Conversation is harder to find than the mythical emeralds.

  5. I shake my head to get rid of the zombie-freeze that has sucked out my free will.

  6. Maybe super heroes or D1 Drifters?

  7. Her skin feels reptilian, leathery and smooth.

  8. I fling my arms around in wild windmills


Photo by: Alan Bolitho