Welcome and thank you for visiting my online home. I write YA and contemporary fiction

My novel, Outback Promise, is being released as an ebook from Harper Collins in November 2015.


My debut novel, Lockdown, was released by Great Plains Teen Fiction in 2014. It is speculative fiction about what happens when a rare great earthquake hits the Pacific Northwest. 15 year-old Rowan Morgan is out hiking in the forest when the disaster strikes. Her survivalist father has prepared her to face the physical chaos that ensues but how people act when social order is destroyed challenges her every step of the way.

 You can read a sample of it here.

The book may be ordered the book directly from the publisher, Great Plains Teen Fiction, or ask for it at your local bookseller. It is also available from Amazon or Book Depository.

 Please enjoy my site and feel free to contact me.


Maggie Bolitho